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INTO Stirling Enhanced Progression Scholarships 2020

student logo  Bachelors

.. Partial Funding

.. Courses offered at the university

Open to nationals and residents of Africa, ASEAN, Latin America, Pakistan

South Africa/Taiwan Joint Science And Technology Research Projects

student logo  Post Doc

.. Partial Funding

.. E-learning, Innovation Enablers, Biosciences; and Nanotechnology.

Open to Taiwanese and South Africans

location logo
    South Africa and the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Bursary 2020

student logo  Bachelors, Masters

.. Full Funding

.. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Open to citizens of South Africa

Middle East And North Africa (MENA) Scholarships in Netherlands, 2019

student logo  Training & Short courses

.. Partial Funding

.. Any subject

Open to citizens of Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia

location logo
    Universities in Netherlands

Innovation Masters And Doctoral Scholarships

student logo  Masters, PhD

.. Partial Funding

.. Biotechnology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Engineering, Computer science, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematical Sciences, Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Ecology, Medical sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities

Open to applicants of South Africa

location logo
    South Africa

Harry Crossley Research Fellowships, 2017

student logo  Post Doc, Research Fellow/ Scientist

.. Partial Funding

.. Health Sciences

Open to applicants of South Africa

Peter Carpenter Africa Climate Scholarship 2016

student logo  PhD

.. Partial Funding

.. African climate science

Open to African nationals

Adventist University of Africa - Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarships in Kenya, 2019

student logo  Masters

.. Partial Funding

.. Programs offered by the University

Open to all nationals

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Bursaries at University of Hull 2020

student logo  Masters

.. Partial Funding

.. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Open to all female nationals

Full Tuition Ruta Sechaba Scholarships in South Africa, 2020

student logo  High/Secondary School

.. Only tuition fees

.. Subjects offered by the schools

Open to all South African nationals

location logo
    Can be taken at south african schools

The Programme For African Leadership (PfAL), London School Of Economics And Political Science

student logo  Masters

.. Full Funding

.. Development, Media, Anthropology, Political economy, Urbanization

Open to applicants of Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana

European, Public and International Law PhD Studentship 2020

student logo  PhD

.. Partial Funding

.. Law

Open to all nationals

Leadership Essay Competition, 2020

student logo  Other

.. Partial Funding

.. African trade

Open to African citizens

location logo
    African countries

SOAS Charles Wallace India Fellowships in UK, 2020

student logo  Post Doc, Research Fellow/ Scientist

.. Partial Funding

.. India Studies

Open to nationals of India

Helmut-Schmidt-Programme, DAAD

student logo  Masters

.. Partial Funding

.. Economics, Public policy, Governance, Development

Open to selected countries in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Middle East

location logo
    Selected Universities in Germany

CIDER Postdoctoral Fellowship for Low- or Middle-Income Countries at University of Cape Town

student logo  Post Doc

.. Partial Funding

.. Medicine , Pharmacy , Public Health

Open to all countries with low or middle income countries

location logo
    Universities in South Africa

Congo Basin Aspire Grant, 2020

student logo  Masters, PhD

.. Partial Funding

.. Biodiversity, conservation and environmental sustainability

Open to students from Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Uganda

location logo
    Congo Basin

Birkbeck, University of London - Birkbeck International Merit Scholarships in UK, 2019

student logo  Masters

.. Partial Funding

.. Programs offered by the University

Open to citizens of Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Latin America, South-East Asia (ASEAN), Africa and Taiwan

IOE - Clarke Scholarships at UCL 2020

student logo  Masters

.. Full Funding

.. Any course at UCL

Open to nationals and residents of South Africa

University of Essex - Africa Scholarships in UK, 2020

student logo  Masters

.. Partial Funding

.. Programs offered by the University except MBA

Open to international students from African nations

Latest Information about Scholarships, 2018-19

  1. What are scholarships? What are the various types of scholarships?

    A scholarship is a financial aid given to a student to advance his/her education. You can think of scholarships as birthday gifts! Winning reputed scholarships is valued as a great achievement and will significantly add to your CV/resume too. Below mentioned are the various types of scholarships:

  2. Are scholarships hard to get or easy to get?

    Contrary to scholarship myths, scholarships are easy to get, given the fact that you really try hard for it. You don’t necessarily have to be a meritorious student to apply for a scholarship. Despite the competition, there are chances that you might be awarded a scholarship provided you start searching for them at the earliest. WeMakeScholars is dedicated for students like you who need assistance with scholarships for India and Abroad. On the other hand, scholarships are meant for everyone and are definitely worth applying for. Do check out few scholarships to study/research in the USA, UK, Australia

  3. What are fellowships?

    Fellowship programs are opportunities for you to focus on professional development sponsored by an organization. Fellowships can last from a few months to a few years. Fellowships usually provide you with financial assistance in the form of stipend, grant or salary and other perks such as housing, travel grants, health insurance etc. Some fellowships may not be funded as well. Fellowships provide the resources and professional network to pursue your goal. Few popular fellowship programs include:

  4. What is the difference between scholarships and fellowships?

    The main difference between the two is that scholarships are a definite form of financial aid whereas fellowship programs may or may not provide financial aid. Secondly, scholarships are grants for undergraduate studies, and fellowships are usually for post-bachelor’s degree projects or research projects pursued apart from the regular curriculum. Usually, scholarships are for students whereas fellowships are for experienced people/ professionals.

  5. What are grants?

    Grants are funds given to you by an organization such as the government, corporation or foundation or an individual for pursuing a specific career path/ pursuing education. You don’t have to worry about repaying the money because that’s what “grants” mean. In order to be eligible for a grant you may have to meet certain qualifications set by the grantor.

  6. What is the difference between Scholarships and grants?

    Usually, scholarships are awarded on merit basis whereas grants are awarded based on your or your family’s financial needs. Scholarships are given by plenty of funding organizations. Grants, on the other hand, are funds awarded by state or federal aid to a college or university. Another difference is, scholarship may or may not be provided for the entire duration of the course you will pursue.

  7. Are scholarships renewable every year?

    It actually depends. Many scholarships can be renewed each year, until the completion of your course. However, it is critical for you to know that not all scholarships can be renewed and not all of them renew automatically. You will need to abide by the requirements of the scholarship in order to qualify and be eligible and for its renewal.

  8. What are the latest scholarships for 2018?

    There are scholarships worth millions of dollars available each year, this year being no exception. From merit-based scholarships to creative contest scholarships, you will definitely find a scholarship that is meant for you! Apply to as many eligible scholarships as possible so that you have a better chance of winning one. For more information on various scholarships, eligibility criteria and application procedure visit WeMakeScholars.

  9. Where do scholarships go on tax return?

    Scholarships may or may not be taxable. If you fall under the taxable category, then the scholarship may be partially or fully taxable. Scholarships are taxable and hence, you can’t claim expenses if:

    • Rent expenses
    • Travel expenses
    • Other expense such as research, clerical help and school supplies not listed in your program during enrolment.
  10. Can I apply for scholarships without an application fee?

    Yes, you can. It depends on the scholarship and college/university/course you apply to.

  11. Are scholarships based on financial need?

    There are many scholarships awarded based on financial needs. The ‘Need-based scholarship’ is for assisting individuals/students who need monetary aid to finance their education. Conventionally, Need-based scholarships are awarded only for your first year of study, but you may the option to reapply each year.

  12. Where can I find information related to scholarships, grants and other financial aid?

    WeMakeScholars is a BITS Pilani Ed-tech start-up that helps students find scholarship and other financial aid information from a number of options. Moreover, you can contact WeMakeScholars team for personalized financial aid guidance and assistance.

  13. How to get scholarships in top U.S. universities?

    There are many scholarships available for international students to pursue their education in the U.S. Scholarships are provided by different organizations, namely – U.S.A. Government scholarships, U.S. College and universities scholarships, Institution scholarships. In order to qualify, you may need to have a decent academic score, GRE/GMAT/TOEFL score, and other activities, like volunteering and other achievements and recognitions. A scholarship essay may be required as well.

  14. Can you explain the difference between the scholarships and education loans?

    Scholarships are financial aid given to a student to advance his/her education by an organization. Education loans are lent to students by banks who want to finance their education. The main distinction between the two is that if you are awarded a scholarship, you need not worry about repaying the scholarship amount. It’s a monetary gift given to you whereas education loans need to be paid back with interest. Also, Scholarships are usually provided on merit basis as compared to education loans where the primary criterion for availing it is solely financial constraint.

  15. What is Assistantship?

    Assistantship implies employment on campus related to your post-graduation course, while completing your postgraduate study. Most assistantships involve research and teaching jobs under the guidance of professors. Assistantships increase your future employability options and reward you with a stipend.

  16. What is the difference between Assistantship and Fellowship?

    Fellowships are usually merit-based awards to support students in a full-time study course. On the contrary, assistantships is a way to earn an income/stipend while pursuing your post-graduate education.

  17. What are International scholarships?

    International scholarships are those scholarships offered by a scholarship provider for students across the world, except one/ selected nationality. International scholarships are scholarships for International students. In other words, International scholarships are for those students, whose status will be marked as an international student by a particular university. For ex: If a UK university is offering an International scholarships for International students, then it is open to apply for all students across the world, except for those from the UK.

  18. What are the few examples of International scholarships for International students?

    There are many International scholarships for international students across the globe. Such international scholarships are offered by all kinds of providers including university scholarships, government scholarships, ministry scholarships, corporate scholarships, foundation scholarships, trust scholarships, philanthropists, etc. Usually, the scholarship provider offers scholarships for international students to support and welcome the foreign students as these students in turn contribute a lot to the nation’s economy. In the USA alone, the international students contribute about $ 31 billion every year to the US economy. Few top International scholarships for International students are listed below:

  19. What are foreign scholarships?

    Foreign scholarships are those scholarships which can be taken at foreign universities. In other words, these foreign scholarships are eligible to be taken outside their home country/ nationality. These foreign scholarships can be either fully funded scholarships of partially funded scholarships. As mentioned earlier, these foreign scholarships are offered by either universities or ministries/ government, trusts/foundations, corporates, philanthropists etc. Foreign scholarships are mostly awarded on the basis of the merit of the student.

  20. Difference between foreign scholarships and abroad education scholarships?

    Basically, foreign scholarships and abroad education scholarships mean one and the same. Any scholarship which you can avail to study/ research outside your home country. Abroad education is also casually called as study abroad.

  21. What are fully funded scholarships?

    Fully funded scholarships are those international scholarships for international students which offer not just the tuition fee, but also the living expenses/stipend, travel expenses and more. This means, fully funded scholarships cover the total expenses of the student. Its really competitive to get through fully funded scholarships as thousands of students apply for such fully funded scholarships. Check out the list of latest fully funded scholarships

  22. What are partially funded scholarships?

    Partially funded scholarships are those international scholarships for international students which just offer a partial of your total expenses. It could be the entire tuition fee or 20% fee/ 50% fee so on. Partially funded scholarships might also cover just your living expenses. Its mostly offered by various bodies like private companies/ corporates, brands, universities etc. Check out the list of latest partially funded scholarships

  23. What are scholarships for Indian students?

    Scholarships for Indian students means those scholarship opportunities which Indian students are eligible to apply for. There many scholarships for Indian students, in all the disciples ranging from arts and humanities to engineering to social sciences. There are a few opportunities provided by the Indian government which are offered on the basis of various parameters like merit based, need based, minority based etc. The Indian government has also launched a new scheme called Padho pardesh to support Indian students planning to study abroad. The padho pardesh provides upto 20 lacs to Indian national students for foreign education. Check out the list of latest scholarships for Indian students

  24. What are Scholarships in developed countries?

    Scholarships in developed countries just means those list of scholarships which are offered to study in any of the developed country in the world. This includes top 5 countries with hyperlinks

  25. What are Scholarships for developing countries?

    Scholarships for developing countries just means those list of scholarships which are offered to students from any of the developing country in the world, for further education. This includes popular 5 countries with hyperlinks

  26. What are the top government scholarships across the world?

    Government scholarships are those scholarships which are provided by the central or state governments of particular region. The government scholarships are usually offered for both the incoming students who would like to come for education to a particular state/country or vice versa.Few top Government scholarships for International students are listed below

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